Shoes and bags for children

Packing shoes and bags for AfricaMany children in Nigeria, Africa go to school on bare feet and without school bags. A Well Woman’s Network UK wants to do something about that, improve the quality of life of those children.

That is why we created our project Stepping Out In Style that is intended to gather shoes and bags that are not used anymore here in the UK and send them to those children in Nigeria who need them.

Our project

The Stepping Out In Style project provides used and/or new school shoes and bags to children in rural Africa – Nigeria. We solicit for donations from individuals and parents of school age to donate the children’s overgrown school shoes. We will ship them to the children that needs them. We do not receive any money from anywhere but rely on people’s free will donations to accomplish this.

More can be done

Finalize packing shoes and bags.Please support us in any way you can. Every pair of shoes or bag helps.