Christy Amalu's third book.

Sometimes, we feel so drained, weighed down or even overwhelmed with desires we have been unable to fulfill. We need to be able to find a place where we can share our emotions, ideas, get refreshed and build ourselves. For some, it could be in the house of prayer- The Church, for some, hanging out with friends either face to face or via group chat. As women, we strive to make life better for us as well as the children and family around us, we tend to want to have a great support system.

A Well Woman Network UK is one of such community that helps and supports women to achieve their purpose in life, career advancement, how to manage your money/income and thereby create true wealth among other things. A Well Woman Network UK builds on the Mind, Body, Soul, Business, Career, and Finance. Christy Amalu is the founder of A Well Woman Network UK and author of some books to encourage and build women. She is also a Mental Health Nurse. Read her story from last year via this link: