6th Annual Event

An event geared towards equipping the mothers of today and tomorrow.


When the minds are crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else. But there is hope because A Well Woman Conference 2018 is the place to be; a place where you can detoxify all the junks and go back home rejuvenated and ready for your next level.

We are the only holistic conference with proven integrity. We deliver what we promise and this year again, we will deliver topics covering some domains of health and well-being, book launch and awards.

There will be a complimentary full English breakfast and refreshments in a cosy environment, a grand entry on the red carpet spiced with our celebrity photo-ops, video coverage and live interviews. Other highlights of this event include health checks at A Well Woman Clinic with good music. It is an empowering event in a relaxing atmosphere.

This medium is also being used to celebrate community leaders and individuals who have made a remarkable impact in other people’s lives. You can nominate yourself or any other personalities, telling us how the individual had affected their community positively.

We have been looking for role models, mentors, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, doctors, police officers, people in the entertainment industry, market men and women etc to appreciate them.

Sponsorship and business

Sponsors were:

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Location: Harben House Hotel
Tickford Street
Newport Pagnell
Milton Keynes MK16 9EY

Date: 08 Dec, 2018
Time: 09:00 AM


A Well Woman Team 2018

Christy with the mayor of Milton Keynes Cllr Martin Petchey at a well woman conference 2018

Christy with Prof Rotimi Jayeisimi at A well woman conference 2018

A cross section of award Receipients at A well woman conference 2018

Cross section of ladies at A well woman conference 2018

Some of our seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018

Cross section of ladies at A Well Woman conference 2018

At a Well Woman recognise achievements too.

Muzvare Betty Makoni

Our seasoned speaker Muzvare Betty Makoni at A well woman conference 2018.

Weasoned speaker

Our seasoned speaker at A
Well Woman conference 2018.

A well woman conference 2018.

At a well woman conference 2018.

Attendees at A Well Woman conference 2018.

A cross section of attendees at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Seasoned speakers at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Michelle Amalu with Jana Todd.

Our youngest Author – Michelle Amalu with Jana Todd from USA at A Well Woman conference 2018.

Signing an autograph by Michelle Amalu.

Signing an autograph by Michelle Amalu at A well woman conference 2018.


“Good morning family! Well woman conference held yesterday was a huge success! My darling Christy and your awesome team congratulations! I was pleased with the Quality speakers that spoke and the topics covered were excellent! To be in the mist of women whom against all odds have made and impacted changes to their lives and communities was encouraging! I learnt how to take better care of my health,how to make a difference to my community and opportunity how to earn additional income!Am ready for next year God willing!
Families let’s continue to support each other! Have a great Sunday 😘😘🙏” – Toni Ukachi-louis

“Thank you Pastor Christy. It was a huge success.” – Amaka Obi

“Hope u r well and family. It was a good event and I did enjoy very well. Well done Christy and wish you the best with Well Woman.” – Theresa Mapolisa

“Very well.performed.” – Princess Wunmi

“Marvellous evening. Love it and My lovely wife enjoyed herself as well. Following your footsteps all the way Madamme, now I know someone that is equally as Beautiful. The youngest Author, your daughter Michelle. Pls keep inspiring her.” – Mr Dayo

“Well done ladies!! Keep contending. Well done Christy.” – Bishop Mel

“Waoooooh! Awesome and Amazing! Great! Well done girls! To God be All the glory Amen and Amen.” – Dr. Tina

“😎.Congrats well women. You all totally deserve this recognition. May God continue to propell us all in our endeavours IJMN.” – Jennifer Orizu

“Thanks Christy and to everyone who have made it.” – Wendy Fisher

“Well done Sis Christy & all the Well Woman Team. We salute you. From the photos it does look it was a great event. Everyone looks smashing.” – Charity Mareya

“Well done Pastor Queen Christy. We give God all the glory for a successful event. Congratulations to all the award recipients. You guys rock.” – Chubby Chima Okoro

“A well deserved day’s event thank sis Christy Amalu for this eye opening, inspiring event. Well done and congratulations to all who got awarded and to the wonderful speakers who are so dedicated to what they do. God bless you all. MY HOMEWORK – find something that you like and are good at doing and offer to train someone – by speaker Carol @at the Well women event👏🏾👏🏾” – Nikki Mashengale

“Many thanks for a great event Sis @⁨Christy Amalu JP⁩ Congratulations! Was following all the Facebook live posts from my bed . Congratulations to all the Award Recipients . 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💃💃💃. May you continue to be pillars of society and enrich your communities by serving your purpose as our Almighty God intended. Bless you all Well Women here for supporting our Sister Christy & the Well Woman Team.” – Charity Mareya

“We had the most fantastic time .. congratulations to all the ladies .. and it was so lovely meeting you all … thank you for the pictures … @⁨Christy Amalu JP⁩…. great event .. yours is greatness …..just decide to have my me time .. on my way home now … blessings all … More Grace … so long !🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉” – Lindhie Dhlamini

“Wow!!!!! A wonderful event. With you guys in spirit, followed you all the way through. God bless you all 🙏” – Ugochi Umunnakwe

“You all looked Beautiful! What a beautiful event. Congratulations to all award winners and thank you Christy for being such an amazing Wellwoman😘” – Tendayi Ndoro

“It was a pleasure to meet you. Congratulations sis Christy Amalu JP⁩” – Dr Sheun Oke

“It was a wonderful event my beloved Aunty Christy. May God almighty continue to bless you in Jesus Name Amen!” – Chinelo Chukwujama

“You can never runaway from your Pastors…… they have Gods Agenda for the people.. love you all… will be ever so grateful. Be blessed in your ministries.. hard it may be.. but you do it harder in Jesus name.. blessings to all ladies. It was awesome and dignified….. Jana was awesome.. she put all my little ducks in a straight row… thank you again for everything.” – Lindhie Dhlamini

“A lovely day of celebration of well women. Thank you Christy Amalu JP for inviting me as a speaker to talk about social isolation among the young adult. Thanks for recognizing my work in the community with a prize. Met many inspirational persons including one of the youngest authors.” – Dr Sahadev Swain

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